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Why learning to make great choices about which actions to pursue is essential and how it results in significantly better results.

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Recently, my days have had a fairly common theme. I start with a particular desire, a want to achieve something of purpose. However, the outcome looks nothing like what that original desire appeared in my mind’s eye.

I don’t have any excuses or blame to provide; I accept responsibility for…

Facebook Admin Assist can save you time and make group management more efficient on Facebook.

Image created by author including screenshot captured of Admin Assist Feature on by Joel Brown (author)

Facebook has made it incredibly easy to start your own group and build a community around any interest. With an existing Facebook account, it takes under 30 seconds to create a new group.

Once you have a group established, there is an entire list of duties for group admins to…

The secret? Provide more value to the community than you take away.

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The first iteration of an online connected community started life in February 1978. Ward Christensen and Randy Suess developed the Computerized Hobbyist Bulletin Board System. A user with a terminal or computer equipped with a modem could call in to leave and retrieve messages.

This very first Bulletin Board System…

My greatest writing challenge

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Writing is something that can be a joyous experience. Creating something that can entertain, inform and become the basis of intellectual discussion.

Writing can also be the greatest intellectual and mental challenge for an author. Creating doubt, division and restlessness before they ever put pen to paper.

My Second Biggest Writing Challenge

The challenges for…

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